Info - - Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation which aim is to furtherhence the collection, distribution and availability of knowledge. For this altruistic purpose, it makes available (and maintains) webspace, where the works of any author may be published, as long as he agrees to licence his work under the Creative Commons (or very similar licenses), which makes free distribution online possible. See the link above for more details. The hosting is, of course, totally 'free' (as in beer); nothing is charged.

In first instance, the focus of verbumvanum lays on works that are normally not, or only very difficult, to get at by the large public - while holding a significant scientific or knowledge-based potential (such as a thesis or endwork), of european origine. This is, because of the fact that similar sites for USA-works already exist, while this is hardly the case for Europe. However, all works, scientific or not, fiction or not, from all over the whole world are elligible to be hosted here under the Creative Commons licence (CC). Authors who are interested can always email the webmaster for ftp access and/or send their works by email - be sure to mention what variant of CC is applicable; by default it will only involve the non-commercial use and mentionning of the name of the maker. When sending a work and requesting to host it, one agrees to all the conditions set forward in the CC licence. Other licenses are accepted as long as they are equally (or more) free in the use and distribution of the respective works then under CC.

Verbumvanum accepts texts and documents and all 'written' material. It also accepts images and/or graphs embedded in (or which are part of) the work, and even small multi-media files, provided they abide by the conditions of the CC (and are not illegal, of course). is not, however, meant to be a free hosting site for mass-storage of music or video files, nor is it meant as a picture gallery - unless it is demonstrated to be of a scientific nature or purpose and after further contact (by email) for a possible agreement. Anyone who is interested in augmenting the human knowledgebase and making sure people worldwide can freely access it: don't hesitate to do whatever you can, little as it may seem!

Creative Commons Licentie
Op dit werk is de Creative Commons Licentie van toepassing.